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This site is provided in support of your studies and enables access to timetables, course information, class resources along with various forms that you will need whilst undertaking your studies here at Miller. To register for this site, please see your classroom Teacher as they will give you instructions on how to use this site and access other information such as assignments, notes etc.

If you have any questions relating to your enrolment or are experiencing any difficulties please speak to your group co-ordinator. It is important to let us know as early as possible about any problems you may have so we can address them before they impact too greatly on your studies.

On behalf of all the Information Technology, Media and Library staff we hope that you enjoy your course, and we wish you well in your studies.

Kind Regards,

Allison Irvine & Sharyn Hooper
Head Teachers | Electrotechnology, ICT and Design - Information Technology, Media and Library Services
Allison 02 9825 7475 | Sharyn 02 9825 7469

If you require any assistance regarding access to this site, contact the Head Teacher above.

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    Starting in 2013, we began transitioning to a new Moodle.  That Moodle is currently located at http://new.millerit.net.  In February 2014, this old Moodle will be replaced by this new Moodle.

    Unless your teacher has specifically asked you to use the old Moodle, you should be using the new Moodle.  Go there now.

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